Hi friend! I'm Yessica, the girl who will photograph you in very little clothing. No worries though, I've done this a million times! I believe that the female form deserves to celebrated and that EVERY single body is beautiful. I've photographed bodies of all shapes and sizes, and I know how to pose you in a way that makes you look your best, celebrating the parts you love most about yourself. During your session, we'll laugh and have fun. Being nervous is normal, but I can promise that those nerves will start melting away within the first ten minutes. You can do this!

I believe that the female form deserves to be celebrated.


Human connection
Body positive
genuine laughter
One of a kind experience
conscious posing

My Approach

I'm laid-back, soft spoken, and caring. I want to make you look and feel your absolute best, and I'm not lying when I say that I will bend over backwards for you. Boudoir is an intimate experience and it's normal for women to feel nervous. But I promise you this: I got you. You deserve an incredible experience and I'm here to give it to you. I don't take this lightly – I'm here for you every step of the way. 

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

I get that question all the time. "But Yessica, can you truly make me look as good as all your other clients?" The answer is YES a million times over. I've learned to manipulate poses and lighting in order to flatter every single body. You don't need to look like Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian to take amazing photos. You just need a photographer who truly sees YOU and understands you. That is the secret to show-stopping photos.

What if I told you that YES, you can look
this good?


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Lets get this show on the road.


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